So annoyed! Girls, why has she done this to me?

this girl and I have been texting and chatting for a few months. she broke up with her ex about 4 months ago. when ever we are out drunk she's all over me kissing and she always tells me she really likes me, and has told me she really likes me when she's sober. we arranged to go out this Saturday just gone but she cancelled and said she thinks we shouldn't meet up as she wants to concentrate on her college work and wants no distraction. she said she doesn't want a realtionship with anyone at the moment. I have no issues with that, but what's annoyed me is she said this on the Saturday morning 5 hours before we where due to meet. she said she was looking forward to going out the night before, but now doesn't know what she wants. I'm so she's all over me and then just wakes up not wanting anything. I'm kinda hurt as I do like her and feel led on. my question is, why would she do this to me? I think she's stilll not over her ex even though she says she is.


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  • Maybe she is drunk that time which makes her say things she nvr meant to be..when your drunk you kinda lose conciousness and perrty much outta your mind...if that's not the reason, she mite probably has sumone else in mind and make that an excuse. Well who knows...