Do guys liked to be texted first?

Okay so there's this guy that I'm interested in and I heard that he said I was cute. So naturally, I asked for his number and we started texting. Our first day texting was pretyy nice, mild flirting and he fell asleep texting me. The next morning I even got a good morning text! But throughtout the day there was one time where he didn't reply for 2 I just sent another text. We talked for a little bit but I had to work and he just stopped replying. So later that night I sent another text complaining about work and asking about his night. We talked until we both fell asleep again. He hasn't texted me yet/back since last night.

So my dilemma is I really want to talk to him but I don't want to feel really I don't want to send a text. What do I do?


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  • Yeah, it shows you actually care.

  • Personally I don't like texting nor phoning.

    So probably dependent on the person


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