Guys meaning behind a forehead kiss?

So me and a good guy friend hung out last night. We have chemisty, and almost started dating last year, before some chick got in the way any ruined it. Now we are back in each others lives, and there is still that same chemistry. He tries to hide it though, due to last year and what happened. While we were hanging out last night, we talked about 3-4 months where we werent talking, and how much we had missed each other. I asked a smart remark about him needing me back in his life, which he didn't answer, but just grinned after I asked a few more times. Over the past two weeks though, a lot of stuff has been going on, and its almost pushed me to step out of his life. I told him that, and he said he would never allow it, he let a girl ruin our friendship once, and he would never let it happen, nor would he let me walk out willingly. After all that, we decided that it was time to call it a night. We went over to my car, he hugged me, and then kissed me on thr forehead. After, he just looked at me with a smile for a few seconds, I assume to see the reaction on my face. Can anybody give me their opinion on what this might mean?


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  • adoration. Preciousness.

  • Care, the right kind of love. Is the reading I get from that type of kiss.

    • So do you think there is more meaning than mere friendship behind it?

    • I give my sisters a forehead kiss, and have done it to my girlfriend. Its something along the lines of cherishing the moment with whomever. I can't truly say if its more than friendship because I don't know what he was feeling or thinking when he kissed you. But my thoughts are its a kiss that means more than a friendship

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