How do you know if a kiss on the cheek from the opposite sex is simply friendly or more?

In my group of friends, we're all pretty touchy and affectionate with each other. Awhile back, one of my friend Matt kind of got into the habit of like doing peck cheek kisses. He doesn't do it often, but just randomly. Like a few weeks ago, all of us were hanging out, and me and Matt were like playfully debating and he at one point was shhing me and kissed me on the forehead. I mean I've seen him cheek kiss the other girls one time, I don't know if its with me more or not. I ask all of this, Because a couple nights ago we were hanging out and I brought a mutual friend of ours who we don't see often along as well, and as we were leaving, my girlfriends were like bye Ashley love, and I jokingly go aw I don't get any love. And Matt goes Because you're still here, and like gives me a hug and a peck on the cheek. And from that my friend Ashley got in her head it meant something, but I don't think it really did, Because we're all so touchy feely I guess. So yeah, and we're all American haha. Sorry for the length.


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  • To me it sounds like it's normal for him to do it, maybe he's just more affectionate with you than with others, but that isn't enough proof of him being into you, but you could just watch out ;) who knows what might happen in the future, good luck!

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