Do texting ways mean anything?

There is this guy I started talking to online through meow on and off two weeks ago and we talked a lot through snap chat and meow for two days, then we would have shorter conversations for the next few days ( he messages me first and it's usually after school at around 3-5 ) we will talk about random things or send funny images to eachother but he will just stop all of the sudden. I've messaged him first but when ever I do the conversations are even shorter, why is this? Do I talk too much for him? Does he like me since he keeps messaging me? Also he doesn't really ask me personal questios or complement me and I'm not a major flirt either but I will say that I find him attractive.. Does this mean any thing?


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  • Yes, it means that he is not interested. I went through the same thing, and trust me. I let it go on for too long and I was asking myself the same questions you are asking yourself.. Allow him to text you, then I'd ask why doesn't he ask any questions.

    I would like to add : Don't f**k him.

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