Why the good night texts?... Annoyed.

Ok, me and this guy have talked everyday for 4 months. The conversations flowed nicely all day everyday. Suddenly there was a shift in the conversations and the texting dwindled. He started sending me Good Night text messages at 12am on random days. I found out later he had a girlfriend he never told me about shortly before the GN texts so I stopped texting him. But he is still texting Good Night, Nighty Night, G'Night texts... smh, why? I'm getting annoyed and feeling disrespected for myself and his girlfriend smh.


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  • So you're saying guys and girls can't be "just friends" when one of them has a s.o. ;)

    • No, that's not what I'm saying. I have guy friends who have girlfriends. Me and this particular guy were working on building a relationship then on his end changed his mind and never told me but continued talking to me everyday as if we were still working on it. I stopped communicating when I found out about his girlfriend. The good night texts are the only thing he sends me so its weird, and confusing as to why he would

    • Exactly, you can't be friends with guys or girls, once they have an s.o. Of course you can have girl/guy friends, but that's only when you don't want them. There's no attraction

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