Was I just used as the rebound guy and a boost to her ego?

Rewind 4 months ago and this girl from my college class broke up with her boyfriend. Her friends told me she had a crush on me for years. we start texting and chatting and hook up a number of times when we where drunk.

she ask me out on two dates and flaked both times. I called her out on it saying that I'm not being messed around like this your still not over your ex, which she admitted. a few weeks later she asked me out again and I made her set concrete plans letting her no this was her last chance.

Two days before we where ment to go out I saw her in town again. Her friends spoke to me saying how she hasn't stopped talking about me and she's really into me. she came running over and kissed me, we spent the whole night together chatting and hooking up. she was telling me how she's so over her ex and wished she had got with me from day one of college. I didn't go back to hers as her sister and friends where down.

she continued to text me after she got home asking me who I was with and checking up on me. fast forward two days later the day we arranged to meet, and I told her I was gonna be 15 min late. she text me back saying I'm not sure If I want this anymore, I think I want to be on my own till we graduate, I'm overloaded with college work and don't want the hassle of a relationship, pluss we only have one semister left, I'm sorry if I hurt you. which is true we do have a lot of work to do, and I live 300 miles away. however, how can her feeling change so much in 2 days? to me this says I just don't want a realtionship with you? maybe I was just the rebound guy? or maybe she is being honest and that's how she feels but I know when a girl likes me nothing will stop them. I also think she isn't over her ex, who has moved on though and has a girlfriend. I know she has some deep personal issues, but this really came out the blue, I thought she was really into me. I'm just wondering from what I've wrote what's your guys take on this? I am really confused and sorta hurt. I don't really want to try and get her back I just want to understand her mind set a little and learn from this. Thanks


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  • "deep personal issues" there you go.

    I've decided that from now on, as soon as I hear that, I am running away. No matter what.