What's with dating and marriage nowadays??

People seem to date for like 8 months and then get hitched. Funny thing is their marriages seem to last 8 months as well.

And they're so young. I'm 20 and I have been to every one of my friends' weddings and I'm the oldest of all my friends.

My cousin (female) graduated in 2013, has been dating a girl for 8 months and just proposed.

A girl in my class met and married her husband all within the span of a year.

Another got married at age 17.

Anyone know why this is?

I only mention the lesbian couple to make the point that it's not just the straight community doing this.


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  • Most are in too much of a hurry to grow up. And don't take the time to relish being young and single.

    I know plenty of people like this too.

    I have several friends who all got married at 18 right out of high school and started having kids right away.

    A couple of them were devoutly religious too. And something tells me they most likely got married so they can have sex without a guilt trip from there parents considering sex outside of marriage is heavily shunned in most religious families.


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  • Cause people are stupid.

    They don't bother to know themselves first, much less to know and understand another person.

  • This is nothing new.


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  • i guess when you find the one you find its time to settle down personally its kind of romantic meeting a man, knowing he's Mr Right, getting proposed and settling down. If I met a man I liked and he proposed I'd marry him. I'm 18 now say in a year or two's time.