How to overcome texting phobia (feeling too needy) to with guy I'm dating?

I have been dating a really wonderful guy for the past 7 months. Things are great. And for the past 7 months he has probably done about 90% of the initiating calling/texting. He told me in the beginning he didn't know if I was even interested because I never texted him.

I have always responded back but have never except for a handful of times initiated any convo. I told him why and he understands but now 7 months down the road I know I need to start doing it because its not fair to him to always have to do it.

I have this fear of sounding too needy even if its just a "hello" text.

How to overcome this?


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  • A fear of being ignored...totally understand because I had the same feeling when texting my guy..i overcome it by putting my trust on him...I know he likes me and he would enjoy my initiating contacts. Love is not only about to enjoy but to give as well.