We went on one date and he barely calls?

All last week he was calling and texting me before we went out Thu..then he was still calling the next day and texted me Saturday. Today was his first time calling since then and he claimed he called me Sunday because he wanted me to come out to the bar. I never gotthis call so I believe he's lying and may still be with his ex. How should I handle this?


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  • why are you having so much doubts? and how does the ex. play in this picture? tell us more

    • We are all FB friends and I've asked him before we started talking that if they were still together I was not entertaining him. He said that they talk on the phone sometimes but they can't get along. The night before our date I saw on fb that him and the ex went to.a bar.

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    • make it clear to him what you are looking for and see his reactions.

      however you may become his rebound if he says he wants a relationship.

      how long were they going out for and how long have they broke up? who broke it up?

      did he ask you out or you asked him?

      what was the date like? what's the phone call/text like?

    • They have been dating for a while now possibly 3 years that I know of. I'm not sure the details of who ended who because I haven't really asked much about it. All I know is that he claims they can't seem to get along. His sister told me that he's looking for a way out because he is tired of the girl. He asked me out and we went for drinks it was fun. He was calling and texting everyday before our date and the day after but nothing since then. I hung up on him when he calledyesterday and no call ba

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  • he's lying


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  • You two aren't even in a relationship and you feel he is lying to you.

    This isn't starting off on the right foot at all.

    If you have doubts about him from the get go, I think either you may want to proceed with caution or look elsewhere.

  • Back off and see if he starts putting forth a better effort.