Does it mean anything?

If he texts you back all the time, texts you every day all day and you can still talk comfortably in person, does that mean anything? My belief is that if a guy isn't interested he won't text you back.Especially not stay up with texting you until one of us passes out.


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  • I text with my sisters late into the night all the time, but I don't want to date them.

    If you want MORE than just casual chatting then you're going to have to push the issue.

    Try increasing the flirting to see if he flirts back, or if he backs off.

    If he's shy then he's worried about making a move, so give him more indicators of your interest and make it obvious that you're not going to freak out if he tries to cuddle or kiss.

    And get him alone. Isolate and escalate.

    When in doubt ask his friends. Ha!


    ~ Robby

    • I did ask a mutual friend and he keeps telling me to be the brave one.So I will be the brave one and see what happens.If it's not what I expected then at least I tried.This may sound really dumb to you but how exactly do I increase the flirting without making myself look desperate? And ha "isolate and escalate" I like that.

    • I like your mojo. There's nothing wrong with being the one to escalate... or "drive the bus" sorta speak. Just realize that you might end up in a relationship where you do all the driving.

      Flirting will only seem desperate if you keep doing when he doesn't flirt back. A super small flirt might be, "Hey, you look good in that shirt." which you can say slowly with a smile, and then casually touch his chest with your hand. Looking desperate only happens when you keep flirting and he's ignoring U

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  • is he good at texting or is he really triing to be a good chatpartner.

    if he isn't he's really triing to get some of your attention.

    • His friend said that he's a slow texter but the longest he takes to reply to me is maximum 7 min

    • did you really ask his friend ^^. just one thing. look at hoe much he texts back. if his texts are long and you give short answers then he will be wanting something from you somehow

  • "does that mean anything"

    No, not really. You're both decent conversationalists?


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