Guys when you ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

When would you ask a girl to be your gf.Is there anything like too soon to ask someone to be your gf? Would you ask her to be your girlfriend only when you are sure you are in love with her or what? and when you ask that are you guys usually serios?


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  • What would be there to "ask", sweetie? When it becomes apparent that the two of you are hitting it off , let things flow, thence creating "sweet talk" of even "I want you", to send a message---or a


    When the words "I love you" are spoken, this in turn, puts out "more vibs," making "he said, she said," binding now, for you and your----"new girlfriend.":))xx

    • awee thanks you are right and you deserve to be the best answer :)

    • lol..Thanks, sweetie...Wise ol' owl and 'been there, done that" gets me an "A"..."))xx

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