Problems after attracting popular guys?

Ive been looking at my past because it's happened a lot. I have always attracted the most handsome, desirable guys that all the girls want. Some might think this not to be a problem, but the problem is, once you do, then there lots of other girls floating around which naturally causes issues.

So then usually this means I match it with other men floating me around me, too, or I'll welcome it (limited extent) so I won't feel hurt/insecure.

So is this just how it is, if I choose to be with such a man, that it's not going to change. And if I want lasting happiness or security that I have to refuse these men because of what comes along with dating them?


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  • Hey then you should go out with me. I've never even had a Girlfriend before, so you won't have to worry about other girls or feel insecure.

    Problem solved, no need to thank me.


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  • well the problem is your going out with "popular" guys and maybe not doing anything to keep them , cause you seem to not know what you really want


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  • No, you just choose the men who handle all the female attention better. Does he flirt excessively and give you reason to worry? Throw him back. Next. Does he handle it gracefully and friendly, but without showing you disrespect or give you cause to be anxious? That's your guy. A man that is faithful and committed to the woman he's with, has a way of making you feel LUCKY he's so desired but picked you, not miserable. It's all in the way he handles it.

    Some guys just can't give up on the constant need for new female attention, which is why they're always texting, calling, flirting, getting new numbers, or even cheating. Others are perfectly capable being flattered from a distance, but keeping their focus on the woman they're with. Pick the latter, and bail if you see any signs of the former.

    • VERY true, and it's funny because many of these guys (not all) are so needy and open to it, where women can be gorgeous but less swayed by temptation. Awesome advice. Thank you. I think in this one particular case, the guy is just no good and a waste of any women's time. A make version of an attention whore.

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    • faithful relationship with a woman who is also resisting the temptation. Often, the woman has plenty of options herself. So if he's not willing to resist, then he should expect the same from her in return. Many guys, unsurprisingly, have a problem with this when they have to put themselves in our shoes :) Just pick the more confident guy who isn't so blown away by female attention. Pick the guy who knows how hard it was to find the right girl (you), and knows how to keep you.

    • Very well said!

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