Meet an interesting but younger girl the other day now unsure?

so now I'm not sure what to do about her if anything , I ran into her the other day at subway at lunch , nice girl , blonde and good looking for her age , she's only around 18 and is single . I didn't see her for very long but definitely felt that she was interested in me , but its a small town and I don't know what it be like dating her and what exactly we could do together . the age diff doesn't bother me that much but we might not be looking for the same things


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  • its possible...

    get to know her, see if she is interested in going on a date somewhere...

    i like guys a little older than me too, partying and drinking and going out all the time is played. some girls just like someone to watch a movie with or sit down and have lunch or dinner...

    think of some things to talk about as well...


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