How long should I wait before contacting her again?

I have been talking to this girl for about a week. We text back and forth the first few days for hours. She text me two days ago while I was at school. I told her I was busy, but I'd get back to her when I was out. I text her when I got out and we talked for a bit. Later on that night I text her again and I got a bunch of short answers and to me it seemed like she wasn't all that interested in talking to me. Nothing notable happened that I could figure out to cause this. After a while of this, I told her I had to go, have a good night. I got no reply to that. At this point, I figured to just give up on it. The next morning she text me Hey:). I was at school again and it took me a while to respond. I told her I was at school and asked if I could call her when I got out. Haven't talked to her on the phone yet, as I met her online. She told me she had to work. I told her "how about you just give me a call when you want to talk, it would be nice to actually talk to you rather than text. She replied, "I can do that, but not today, I'm working a double. But maybe later on tonight." This was yesterday, she didn't call. Today, no call. My question is, how long should I wait before contacting her? Should I text her now, or leave her to call me? Don't want to just call, as I don't know if she's busy or what. What do you think I should do?

She did text me first the last few times, feel I should probably be the next one to contact her. I just didn't want to pursue too much, too soon and scare her off. I plan on asking her out as soon as I get her on the phone. But I did put the ball in her court by telling her to call me. She agreed, but do you think she may think I'm not that interested since I recently she's the only one to initiate contact?


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  • try to call her when you feel like it, if she misses it, she'll still be able to text or call you back. but at least you're showing initiative. might sound petty, but probably she went all fussy and started 'playing games' when you first delayed the txts while busy at school. it's just a week, don't panic.. good luck

    • Lol. She text me like twenty minutes after I posted this. So... Thank you for your input. Don't understand why such little things mean so much to women, aka her getting fussy. Guess if I could figure that out, I'd be a millionaire

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  • if she doesn't contact you, you have nothing at all to loose by giving it another try yourself. good luck!


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