Asked a girl out got over text got ignored. What would you think of this follow up message?

I made a mistake and asked a girl out over text. She IGNORED it.

Im a little insecure (only about this girl) and I wanna get one more chance to ask her out

What would you girls think if I texted you again?

"never mind, change of plans going on a trip"

Honest opinion please


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  • She probably would've liked it if you asked her in person? Idk.. or just wait a while maybe she'll reply sooner or later.. But I wouldn't text her about going on a trip.. When you see her in person just "apologize" then ask her in person then. :-)

    • My phone was deactivated and I asked her out through SnapChat lol (we chatted on Snapchat beforehand). I really wanted to hang out with her this weekend so I made this mistake. I will not see her in person unless we go out together.

      What can you recommend me to do?

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    • I planned a laser tag date for tomorrow

    • Aw really? That's nice! So what did she say? :-)

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  • Ignoring doesn't necessarily mean she's turning you down. How do you even know she's ignoring you. She could just be extremely busy. Don't text her again. Try calling her if she hasn't gotten back to you in a few days. It's not as personal as being face to face, but at least it's better than text. Girls find it odd when you ask them out through text.

  • Sounds safe to me.