Girl says I'm not romantic?

I was texting a girl I like and invited her out on a 'romantic dinner'

Her reply was: "you know what, you don't like romantic stuff"

I don't know what to say. I'm just shy around the people I like a lot. Also I'm quite romantic in life but anything Ill say will be used against me. Any ideas?

I'll text her.

Why do you say so? I'm just shy


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  • Hard to tell over text, she didn't put any emoticons and you couldn't hear her tone of voice. Texting is hard to have convos over, that's why it was never meant for regular people in the first place. It was actually invented for the deaf.

    It sounds like she could just be saying, I know you're not romantic, you don't have to be, I'll be fine either way. It's either that or, she's trying to turn you down, indirectly by saying "you're not romantic anyway, sorry". Obviously she doesn't know that you actually are romantic, you just haven't gotten to show it because you haven't been on a date yet (I'm assuming)

    • We've been on one date. However, when I like a girl I get quite shy. We had a dessert and then went ice skating. I guess I wasn't that romantic that night...

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    • Yes its hard for me to open up a girl :(((

      I texted her I had a little too much tequilla tonight. Time to Zzzz ill call you tomorrow.

    • Ya, much better to call when sober. Never know what drunken words you don't want to say

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  • Mind if I ask what your idea of "romantic" is? Just curious

    Also, most girls I know have basically come to the conclusion that the modern man is no longer capable of chivalry or romance. If she is one of them then perhaps she is just being cautious not to get her hopes up or is simply in denial that there do still exist men capable of being romantic.

    Its sad really. I think that there are plenty of men out there who are very romantic at heart but are just to afraid to show it, for fear of not living up to a woman's expectations.

    • Exactly ! Girls have come to the conclusion that the modern man is no longer capable of chivalry or romance. Maybe if your up front and tell her that " hey why don't you give me a chance to prove it!" Then the balls in your court and it's up to you to prove it to her! :)

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  • "anything I'll say will be used against me."

    I feel your pain bro. It's the curse of being a hetero male. Good luck.