Should I text him today if we had our date yesterday?

We went to a hockey game last night. It went pretty well since it was our first date. He told me to text him if I wanted to do something again. Should I text him today. I know that he had to get up early and be at work today.

Well he did text me last night to make sure I got home safe since we did get some snow yesterday.
Never mind. He text me and we've been talking. :) Thanks for all your input though!


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  • its a great sign that you enjoyed the date so much to want to go out again (and hockey games are always fun). I'd say wait until the middle of the day/later (you don't want to seem TOO desperate), but that will also make his day a lot better and he can focus on your texts instead of work. It does seem soon to ask for a second date, but maybe ask to do something in a day or two depending on how your date went. If it went amazingly, by all means go ahead, you just don't want to come off as too clingy after the first date so both of you can have your space and think on how it went. But don't play hard to get with texting on your second date. I'd say text him later today/tomorrow to make plans for 2-5 days ahead, so you're not putting pressure on either of you to meet right now, and you both have something to look forward to :) as well as saying that you're interested. good luck :)


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  • I don't get why people are telling you not to text. Send him a message saying you had fun! You don't exactly have to take the lead and set up another date if you don't want to, that's his job.


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  • I would probably let two days go by and text him something like,

    "I really had fun with you last time. I can't wait to do it again."

    That's pretty leaving an opening for him to invite you again.

  • I wouldn't text him.. I'd wait to hear from him

  • no...

    wait for him to text you.

    let him linger for a minute and let him think and wonder about you...

    guys hate to be smothered