Drive to the restaturant and look for her?

im not native English (dutch) sorry for my English.

i had a date with a girl (she is 29) it was great and she asked me to hold contact ... I said that I have to think about it .. because I'm a christian and she isn't

but last Wednesday I thought ... I regret that I didnst ask her...i sent her a tekst with ... 'meet at saterday at 2130 ?'' at restaturant X She didn't reply ...what should I do now ... drive to the restaurant and look if she is standing there or not ?


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  • If she didn't answer your text message it probably means she isn't interested.

    Appearing at someones place of work because they are "ignoring you" isn't

    a good look and in some cases that be considered harassment.

    I would call her instead of texting her and leave her a voice mail if she does not answer.

    If she still does not respond to you, then there is your answer.

    • thks, for your answer! ... I thought already its crazy to cycle to city (its snowing) but she asked me for a 2 nd date ... (after our first last Saturday, I sent her a tekst last Monday for a date @ Wednesday ... she said that she is busy and have to wake up early the next morning (Thursday) ... than I thought I ask her for saterday and no response at all (weird that she can't response at all, but its an internet date , so than people can expect everything ...

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    • where in north-America do you come from ? I come from the Netherlands and I spoke with a lady from Chicago (in amsterdam at a museum, it was so cold that she throw boiled water in the air and fall down as snow (off topic:)

      But thnax for your advices ... shall (or should?) I wait a fews days and than ask her or ask her very soon ... ? dubio

      and she had last Thursday a important day should I ask about it (I have no Idea what she did .. I am afraid that she told about it on our date ...

    • Np. Glad I could help.

      I am from NY.

      Sure you should wait a few days (see if she responds to those messages), if not ask her out again.

      It would be nice to ask about her day as well.

      If she still doesn't answer I think you should stop messaging her because you did your part. (now it would be time for her to do her part). If she does not ever write you, move on.

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