Guys: asking for clarification, good idea?

Ive been talking to a guy for about 5 months ,he gets mad when I flirt with other guys but we are boyfriend/girlfriend .we've been on a date and he calls me cutie pie and cutie and sends me winkie faces and kissey faces and tells me sweet dreams we either text each daily or snapchat daily...anyways is it a good idea to tell him "other guys are trying to get at me but before I talk to them can I know what we are? Are we just friends ...?" Something like that so I cam clarify what we are ..what do you think?


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  • If you want to be exclusive to him and you want that in return, then definitely bring it up. The last thing you want to do is turn away other guys because you think things are something they aren't. If he doesn't want to be exclusive, are you still going to want to see him?

    If you are at a point where things are going to go forward or be over, then you can be a little more direct. If you don't mind continuing to see other people, then you could be a little more subtle but let him know you want more.

    • If he doesn't want to be exclusive I wouldn't want to see him again mostly because things won't be the same so when I ask him what we are and he says were just friends should I say I wanted something more I guess we shouldn't talk anymore...?

    • Hopefully he wants the same. If he doesn't and understands and is cordial about it, then that's good. At least you know he wants you to be happy. If he doesn't and all the charm in the world comes out wanting to just stay friends and have fun, then run...dont walk. Because then you know he wants himself to be happy. You don't have to be snide about it, that just isn't someone you want to keep in your life.

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