Dating a girl in college I'm still in highschool?

So being the person I'm I fucked up in school my 8th grade and Freshman year causing me to get kept back , so as a result I'am behind grade levels , but I'm a very intelligent guy,just lazy. I'm just worried because she's a senior next year and I will be a sophomore, when she goes to college I'm afraid of losing her someone please give me advice.


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  • As a sophomore in college who is dating a high school senior, I'll give my two cents.

    I'm going to tell you that the odds of you staying together are slim. My relationship is the exception. Not the rule. My boyfriend was terrified when I was a senior and he was a sophomore and I was getting ready to leave. All his friends' relationships were ending and he was afraid ours would be next.

    You really need to sit down with her and decide what to do. My boyfriend and I literally sat in his car one night when he brought me home from a date and had a very frank conversation. It was the night before I was going to leave. I was leaving at 7 AM the next morning. We sat there and I asked him if he wanted to break up or stay together.

    We weighed the pros and cons of both options and concluded that it would be very hard to stay together. But we decided to give it a go. Our plan was that I would return home every other weekend to see him.

    So I went to college and within 2 weeks we were on the phone having another potential break up talk. We still thought it was hard so we changed and decided we would talk every night on the phone - NOT just texting. For a while we sent each other random daily pictures of what we were doing. Just until we got used to the separation.

    I'm a sophomore now (obviously) and we still talk nightly although it's not as big of a deal when we skip a night. I still go home every other weekend, but we don't exchange as many daily pictures.

    All that to say that the ONLY way a relationship can work is if you come up with a system of communication and keep that system. You also need to have trust. It's very important that you don't smother her. She needs to be able to enjoy college. You need to trust that she's not going to sleep around and she needs to trust that you won't either. You need to know that your relationship has two loyal and honest people in it.

    This all can be discussed when it's closer to the time of her leaving.

    Good luck.


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  • There's a lot of people in college, a lot of good looking people and its almost definite that she'll start getting mixed feelings with someone. It doesn't help that you won't be seeing her as much as you'd hoped. All you can do is try to spend as much time with her as possible and try to keep the flame going in your relationship. Hopefully she waits for you, hopefully she stays faithful. But in my opinion, its not likely, you may be better off breaking it off.


    You can talk to her about it and decide what to do as a couple, make some decisions and plan. Either way, your relationship is in your hand and you can decide what comes of it. If you love her as much as it seems you do, do your best to be the best for her so that any other college boy can't compare to how you treat her.