Was he hoping for a kiss, or did he genuinely just want a hug good-bye?

I had a guy who I like and who also likes me back over at my place. We were just hanging out and when he had to leave I walked him to the door, where he just gave me a long hug+back rub to say good-bye. At this point we were not yet dating.

At the end of the weekend after we began dating, we went out for drinks+dinner. He drove me home, then I said good-bye and got out of the car. He asked me to come back so I sat back down and he asked me to give him a hug, which I did.

I'm sort of confused what it is with all these hugs. When I see him at school, he also gives me hugs good-bye? Does he want a kiss from me?

(Is it possible if a kiss is what he wants, he'll wait for me to make the first move as I've told him about a few times in the past where guy friends have forced themselves on me, which made me distrustful and more guarded around men.)


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  • Well let's just say...I wouldn't want just a hug from you! I would be hoping for that kiss! Hahaha! j/k

    Seriously though, he definitely does like you! And I think the reason why he's not kissing you first is because you said to him that guys forced themselves on you, so he probably just doesn't want to screw things up and make the wrong move. I think he's waiting for you to initiate the kiss, which is so sweet! :) Good luck girl!


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  • I was going to say he needs to man up and kiss you, until I saw your last sentence. You basically told him he better not make a move on you. You handcuffed him. So, yes he is waiting for you to kiss him.

  • When a guy like that comes around it usually means you have to make the first move. He is a nice guy who isn't forcing himself. You should be happy. :D


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  • He asked you to give him a hug... What a sweetheart...

    He doesn't want to do the wrong thing, he is waiting for you to kiss him. He remembers what you told him about guy friends forcing themselves on you, he doesn't want to make the wrong move.

    He sounds like a really nice, respectful guy. You should kiss him.

  • He totally wants you to kiss him.