Should I be his girlfriend?

soo we have been dating for few months now. To be honest we're completely different from each other. Lets just say that he's the badboy and I'm the good girl (not really). He likes parting and I'm freaking hate crowded places. He like games and lets just say games hates me. He likes to drink and being drunk plus retarded and I don't even drink alcohol at all. The funny thing is he like Rome and Greek histological movie (the most boring movie ever) and I'm in love with horror, thriller and ghost movie(he hated it). The list can goes on and on. The only thing that we're in common is we are deeply in love with anime.

so, my question for you (girls) is, would you date and be a badboy's girlfriend and why?

and for boys, would you ask a girl to be your girlfriend who is completely different from you and why?

p/s any advice for dating bad boys ?


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  • Girl we chics have all been there self included. What keeps you there is the tension, the yen and the yang, but you know like we all do that these relationships are a roller coaster and don't last long. If you are the rare female who can detach her feelings and just enjoy it for what it is purely chemical it sexyal then strap on or seat belt and enjoy the ride but if you think you will just fall head over heels with him with nothing in common then do yourself a favor and move on. It took me a while to get to this point in my life so hope why find or path sooner than I did.

    I heard a speaker speaking on relations say this which has stuck with me over the years... a good relationship is comprised of two good givers. To make a relationship last you must have respect, good communications and common interests. Note he didn't mention love because live is an emotion which changes by the moment and the other 3 qualities are a constant factor. Hope this helps you as it did myself.