How long should a girl wait for a guys call before she tells him to f*** off?

My friend gave him my phone number on Wednesday, he sent me a FB friend request on Thursday. And then I accepted the same day. He liked one of my photos on Saturday. And today is Sunday- he didn't call yet. How long should a girl wait for a guys call (cause he seems uninterested to me)? And how should I react to tell him maturely to fuck off?


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  • he's in his 40's and you started the ball rolling by asking your friend to give him your number.. he might be taking his time to check on you and figure you out through fb, but I'd say that if he doesn't interact with you in any possible way by next Wednesday (meaning message or phone call, not just a 'like'), he's simply not interested. even then, tho, I don't see why tell him to fuck off.. if he doesn't like you, it's no one's fault.


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  • Wat?

    Just because he didn't jump fast enough?

    You don't know the reasons why, could be due to a crisis or just trying to not look to eager and needy,

    Just suspend judgment till you know the facts,

    • Well... People say that if he doesn't call for three days he isn't interested. And I have no idea what would be an excuse not to send a sms saying- hi, you look cute. Or smt like that...? Id like it if he stopped playing games. Calling a girl in one or two days isn't desperate. Waiting forever to call is jerk-ish, immature and playing games.

    • @QA pls don't believe the three days thingy. ..maybe start off a casual question like hey how's your day?

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  • why don't you initiate it?

    • I already initiated the whole thing- asking my friend to give him my phone number... I think itll be just too easy for him to get everything plated. He will lose interest...

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    • Well... Making a contact AND contacting him first would put me in a desperate position. And if he hasn't already find a minute to text it means he is playing the waiting game. Still... I have no idea if Id like to be in a relationship with a guy who is a player in his 40s...

    • If you are concerned with that then wait for a few more days and by then if he doesn't respond you can take it he isn't keen