Go for the first kiss?

So basically there's this girl at my college that I really like. I got her number just before winter break and we've talked a lot recently. Things got pretty flirty but I've sensed that things have slowed down a bit over the past week.

I think it's gotten to a point where something more has to happen. We have plans to go over some stuff for interviews we have coming up. We'll be alone together in my room. Does this seem like a good time to go for the first kiss? It could be a little risky because she might not be expecting it.


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  • Alone in your room is the perfect time for the first kiss.

    Go for it, but do it at the right time. Don't go for it while she's talking or anything. If you guys make eye contact, and there is silence where neither of you say anything and you're just staring at each other, that would be a good time to go in for the kiss.

    Just make sure and watch how she reacts. If she pulls away, don't keep going. If she responds by kissing you back, then go on from there.

    If she's never had a first kiss before, she may not know what she's doing and seem a little stiff or tense (I know I was my first kiss). Don't take that as she doesn't like it. She might just be in shock or doesn't know what to do.

    Good luck!


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