What is his problem? Does it sound like its just over?

Long story short, I dated started dating this guy in September who at first was constantly all over me. He told me he wanted a long term monogamous relationship, and that how he couldn't believe how beautiful, amazing, and intelligent I was.

He started becoming very distant in October but he said that was because his 3 year old son who he only gets to see a few times a year came to visit. I understood that and gave him space. Problem is, he's never really quite been the same again. The last time I saw him was at the end of November and he said he would text me and never did. I texted him a few times, and he barely responded back. Eventually he got to the point where he stopped responding completely, and still won't.

He was a friend of the family and my stepmom went to see him where he works and talked to him. He acted interested in me and said I should come work with him in the summer when college gets out. She invited him over for dinner for the next day, and it didn't look like he was going to show up so we left. Turns out he did show up, and afterward we tried going to his house but he wasn't there. My stepmom texted him and he replied "Sorry I missed you guys, was out at a friend's."

A couple of days ago I tried texting him twice, one just asking how he was doing, and another asking if he was not interested in me, and if he wasn't to please tell me. Never got a response.

Does it sound like its completely over? Why is he playing these games with me?


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  • you're in your 20's, why are you still wasting your time chasing someone who's got a 3yrs old son already, and never contacts nor reply to you anyway?

    • He's in his 20s too. We used to have a great connection and it just changed in a flash. I just feel hurt and miss him a lot.

  • hes not really interested anymore and is just being nice to your family to be polite and avoid being nagged and berating by them for dropping you

    • That's what I was thinking. I don't get why he doesn't just be honest and tell me though.

    • because he's a family friend, if he tells you outright you'll show your family and theyll be mad at him, if he ignores you and weans you off him then you have nothing specific to tell them and he can't be the one on the hook for dumping you

    • Makes sense. He doesn't really talk to them anymore either, it was just my stepmom went and pursued him at his work place. I guess he's just trying to slip out from under the situation and disappear.