Strange behavior coming from my girlfriend. Can you explain this?

Hi there. Id like to start by giving some background info. I have been dating this girl for about 2 months now. I've known her for over a year and we have been off and on since we met. it was long distance to start with, so we never got real serious. We lived two hours apart and the distance made it difficult for us to keep seeing each other. This led to a lot of frustration and we broke things off a couple times over the past year.

OK, I moved back home 3 months ago and we started going out again (she also lives in the same town.) For the past month and a half, we've been hanging out pretty regularly and I feel like things are going really well with her. We go out to eat, go out for drinks, go workout together, etc. The sex is good and everything else but there's one thing I don't understand. she's a very insecure person, so its understandable for her to be a little bit jealous. But the thing is, she's always asking me what I'm doing when I'm on my phone, whether its talking or texting or whatever I'm doing. She keeps asking me if I'm talking to other women and this and that. I tell her no and It gets so irritating sometimes that I will jokingly tell her that I am. At the same time, she will sit by her phone like she's waiting for someone to text her back and she is sometimes secretive when doing this. I have no reason to look in to her phone to see who she talks to and I wont, but even if I had the chance, she never leaves her phone out of her sight. She will sometimes tell me who she's talking to when she does this, which I find odd. Is this her way of hiding something from me?

Another thing that gets to me is that some days she's a little distant and her acting weird today has got me a little concerned. My new job requires some out of town travel, so I'm gone for a few days at a time. I told her yesterday that I was leaving town for a few days. We went out to eat last night and then I left. Turns out that my trip was cancelled due to bad weather. She texts me up today asking me what's up, and I tell her that my trip was cancelled. I ask her if she wants to go out for lunch. She says she is not feeling well (hungover from drinking the night before apparently.) Then she tells me that she lost her friend while they were out last night and she had to go find her. I say OK and she tells me she will text me back later. I drive by her house a half hour later and her car is sitting there. Ask her if everything is OK and I get no response. I tried calling her an hour or so after that and no response. I might be overreacting, but it seems likes she avoiding me. A little odd don't you think?

I really don't know what to think of all of this. When we are together, we get along great. I really like this gal and I'm sure she likes me as well. She keeps telling me that she loves spending time with and talks about us constantly. I have no reason not to trust her, but again, I'm a little concerned. If you need anymore info, please ask and I will fill you in. Thanks!


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  • well they say that often people who show too many signs of explicit jealousy, have something to hide themselves. if you already went through break-up twice in one year, it can't be entirely down to '2hrs' distance.. there's more to that. did she break up w you in the first place?

    • When we broke things off the first few times, it was a mutual thing. And this time around, it was her idea to start dating again. The only thing she's told me was that she had dated another guy for a few months before I came back. Maybe he's still in the picture?

    • i suspected someone else could be in the picture, but you'll never know until you do some 'research'.. surely her behaviour during your canceled trip was quite odd.

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  • Yea it sounds like she's cheating on you. A lot of times, people project their own infidelities on their partners. Also, the fact that she was definitely avoiding you is highly suspicious as well. We all know that we are all attached at the hip to our phones these days. Unless we are in the shower or sleeping there's really no reason to not respond in a timely manner.


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