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I'm thinking about updating my picture from a shoulder shot to full length on my online dating profile. This is a really good, recent picture of me which is better than the shoulder shot on there now. The only reason I hesitate is that I met a very compatible guy on that site and we've been on 4 to 5 dates. The problem is that he skips days of contact, is mostly reduced to good morning greeting texts, and did not ask me out last weekend (without giving a reason like having to go out of town). If I update my picture they'll notify him as one of my matches. What should I do?

  • Update now - he's not interested enough to worry over
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  • Wait - he's still interested and you may scare him off by looking on the prowl
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  • Update your picture if you want to; it might actually make him pursue you harder when he notices that you're revising your profile, because that rarely means someone's happy with their partner.

  • You've already been on 4 or 5 dates. He's clearly interested. You're only dating. You're not boyfriend and girlfriend yet. So I think it's perfectly normal not to go out every weekend and to skip contact on some days.

    • Thanks - this is very helpful. What do you think it means in terms of updating my profile picture? The picture was taken in November and I sent it to him via text from a charity ball, so he knows when it was taken. We started dating shortly after that. He gave me a nice Christmas present, but maybe he's just nice. How do you think he'd react to my substituting that picture at this stage of things?

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