Guys: Do you prefer a wild/party girl?

In my town I'm a rare "borderline" creature. I'm not a complete straight edge. I occasionally drink and smoke. But I don't take xanax or other pills. or roll or drop acid. that's kinda normal recreation where I'm from. I'd rather avoid taking those because of addiction potential. I do know the dangers of alcohol, but like I'd said, would rather avoid it. anyway, guys always take the wild/party girl over me. or I find a totally straight edge guy who won't even jaywalk. I'm somewhere in the middle and can't find a guy who appreciates that. the gf's these guys choose always post stuff that's super bitchy and addict sounding like "got that boy whipped. he's bringing me xanax and a pizza" kinda stuff. why do so many guys prefer the crazy ones?

note: I am not in my 30s. it changed my age when I registered. I don't know why


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  • Guys don't generally prefer craziness per se. However, party girls often are 'easier' or at least give that impression, which attracts guys.


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