Girls, what do you do when a guy tries to kiss you that you don't want?

When a guy misreads the signals and just goes for it! How do you react when you don't feel the same way?

I know it happens since we're taught that asking for permission is bad.


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  • I would let him kiss me since I hate shooting a guy down like that. But after the kiss, I would talk to him and gently say I don't feel that way.

    • And then he says that all he wanted to do was practice kissing. Might as well keep going and see where it goes! :/

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  • I would distance myself from him. so easy.

  • Giraffe neck back lol

    If he lands his mark I just kind of sit there like, "Uh..." and I let the situation get super awkward before running away and hiding hahahaha.


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