She texted me after a month

I had contact with a wonderful girl for two months. After that, she went back to her ex.

After that we didn't had no contact at all for a month. But today, she sent me a text message:

"Hello! How are you? It was a long time ago. Hugs."

She knows that I have been interested in her. She doesn't know that I still am. I do not know if she's still together with her ex or if she's single.

Why does she contacted me after a month? What should I do? Should I reply to the message or wait?


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  • you had a 2-months chance to get to know her better and possibly date her, showing her interest, and she gets back to her ex.. just to contact you one month later..? my guess: it didn't work out with her ex, now she needs a confidence-boost from someone who she already knows likes her. is it really worth pursuing her? hey there are many girls around, you know..

  • I think you should reply... but be cautious. There is a chance that she wants to talk to you or be with you again (sometimes you have to get back with your ex or date someone else to really appreciate the other person), but on the other hand, she may just want to be your friend. Be kind, but try to find out her motives as soon as possible!


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