Should I give her a birthday kiss on the cheek hug kiss on the neck?

How would she react if I did it she goes to my gym she works there we run in it each other a lot since last year she gives me lots of signs! I said hi she said hi back then I said I don't like vegetables I likes fruits better when she was waiting in line for food! she smiled and laughed giggled then I said you hiding a secret about me you can whisper in my ear what you think about me she smiled and laughed giggled again? What is this girl hiding from me?


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  • Shes prob just friendly. Um if she has showed interest giver a hug but if not. then just say happy birthday and ask can I give you a bday if you do not hang out with her or see her outside the gym then she is going to think you are a creep.


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  • the answer to your question.. driving your nuts!

    I mean driving you nuts!