Is it OK to not talk to the person you're dating for a few days?

So if you're dating someone, is it OK to not talk everyday?

I know we're both busy with life and school, but I feel bad when we don't talk or when he doesn't respond after a few days.


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  • in a realationship, behavior is only "okay" if it's okay for both people. If he thinks it's okay not to talk more than every couple of days and that makes you feel bad, then it's not okay.

    Same thing as if you think it's okay for you to date other men, but it makes him feel bad, it's not okay.

    Tell him how you feel. He should care. Maybe it's not possible with your schedules, maybe he isn't capable of giving you that level of attention. If not, that's fine, but then you might not work as a couple. Behavior that is okay for individuals aren't always okay for couples.


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  • Yes. It is just fine. But it really depends on the terms of your relationship. Each relationship is different. Some people make a deal that there is contact every day, others say some space between contact is fine or preferred. No matter what the situation so long as both people agree and are happy that is all that matters.

    So as long as you and your significant other are both okay with talking every day or not talking every day and are both happy with the agreement then it is just fine.

  • No. I think you need to talk everyday.

    Not to a crazy extint.

    A simple, " How are you doing " or " Hope all is well " ... A quick call during lunch or between classes just to check up on each other.

    But, I talked to all the guys I dated everyday... pretty much a text convo all day.

    and if he doesn't reply back within a few days, WTF? .

  • I think that's weird. With technology its easy to text or call at any time. I would feel awful if my boyfriend didn't at least say good night, unless he has his kids or there is a reason. But how hard is it to say goodnight or respond to a text from a person your dating? I think its fishey.

  • I think it's actually rude. No one is very busy like to have 2 minutes out of the day to send a quick text "hey I'm okay, hope you're well". It's all about priorities. In fact, that text won't even take two minutes. But again, it's all about priorities.

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