Could you date a girl like this? I had to end our friendship

My friend live with her boyfriend. I had to stop being friends with her because she's growing obsession. she stay around this guy like an obsessive person. She has all her friends and nearly whole army unit following this guy on Instagram and adding him on Facebook. she has gotten to the point where she scares me and him. he is preparing a breakup but it's a planned one. She has maybe over 300 photos of the guy. He said he can't even have fun on social media because his page is being filled with her friends like stalkish people. he don't follow them back on Instagram. as a friend I had that talk with her. She stays around him 24/7. So the only air he has is when he at work. he has to constantly do for her. It's like she can't physically live without him. He has to take her every single destination. He can't go any place without her being there. this is the first guy she had that is much older than her. I invited her to my sleepover, she didn't wanna come. The last time we went out to eat the guy came also when it was a guys night out. She has pictures flooded with him on the internet. One time I was with her and she got mad because the guy didn't like her pictures nor comment on Instagram. I can't see her because she worried about him being at home by hisself. she even bought herself a ring and saying she engaged.


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  • In answer to your stated question, few if any guys would want to date a girl like this. I feel like this isn't really your question. Is there another question in there? How did she react when you had the talk to her? Has her boyfriend talked to her about it? You seem to know a lot more of what he's thinking than she does.


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