Guys help me keep this going?

So I've been on 4 dates with a guy , all him initiating this, he doesn't live in my town but we had great chemistry, on our 3rd date I invited him to my place and he cooked for me, and slept over and yes we had sex , and 4rth date he was at my place to we chilled and watched a movie and had more sex

than he left at night to go catch his plane. he is coming back in 3 weeks and we havnt talked about meeting yet, he has texted me and snapped me a bit so I think he still is interested?

how can I keep it all cool without being needy and clingy, I want him to ask me out again?


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  • From a girl's point of view, sweetie, he is "into you," as they say, so you do have his interest, from what I can see. You seem to be holding"that candle" that he enjoys, both physically AND mentally. The sparks appear to be sizzling.

    Being, he is texting is a very good sign, no red flag signals. So in order to keep the atmosphere not overly heavy, and him still coming, return every message "light, but not too overly sweet," and as long as you don't "over text," you should be okay. Yes, you're right, you don't want him to think you're in any way "needy and clingy." Giving a guy his space and room to breath, is important in any relationship, new or old.If he told you he is "coming around in 3 weeks," I am sure, if his fires are still hot, that the chemistry between the both of you will still be there, and he will give you a head's up as to when you will be seeing him.Once this happens, you can nonchalantly suggest some nice pubs and restaurants in your area in which you both---can go out. See what he says, and if this "flies with him." Happy flying..xx

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