Should a girl be passive in these situations and wait for a guy to call?

He got my phone number and it took him a while to contact me. In the end he said- So we can see each other one day and talk about everything? I answered- Sure! :D

But there is no sign of him for two days already. I wouldn't like to be passive and maybe if he doesn't call/text until Friday maybe I should send him a text. Since the first free time I have is Friday evening. Or maybe I should contact him tomorrow and make an appointment for Friday? Or not to call at all and wait for him to call?


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  • I don't think being passive will get you anywhere.

    • OK- So- to contact him today, tomorrow or Friday? ( we texted the day before yesterday) And- won't he get a wrong impression- like me being desperate...?

    • No. Guys don't think of girls as being desperate for calling or texting. That is how girls judge other girls.

      Guys will think you're desperate if you call the same guy like 20 times, and have been told "No" 19 times.

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