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I met this guy through a common friend...we met at his place for discussion on a common topic an discussion on the same on fb...there were some personal chats...he said he was trying to understand me...he did a lot for me in his organization...getting me an opportunity to study..and that included reduction in fees..and including me in the meetings...he always waited for me...though there were times when I cancelled...things were going fine...he was sitting with me and making clear to everyone that I was with him...he wanted me to depend on him..he said let's work together..there was one this time he got possessive in front of people...he is a closed person...though sometimes opened up...some weeks back he told me is busy with I should leave message on fb and he will get back to me when has I tried to disturb him not so much...later when we met he said I can ask him whatever I want...he will get back to me...after two weeks or so I asked him he would like to join me and my friends for a gathering...he said he won't as he is busy...I said it's ok...we chatted a little and it ended on a good note...he invited me few days later at a function at his place...and he was there waiting for me with another friend of his...I decided not to disturb him and went in . He came later and told me he was waiting for me outside but did not see he is sending me msgs like see you soon...I had an extra class today and he crossed my path and gave me another invitation and told me he can get me in ...I had not registered for the thing I have noticed is he is there with me for the event and as soon as it's over, he is with his friends..

I not sure what's going on his mind...and what to make out from the situation.

Any other reply...


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  • He seems to be very much interested in you and he expresses this by doing things for you. This may be the main way that he expresses his interest. There may be a pattern of wanting to control how and where you interact or perhaps he is nervous about being alone with him. The way to be sure is to take initiative and create some opportunities of your own. I wouldn't advise asking him out on a date. But going out for coffee is innocent enough. You would have better luck getting a more personal response from him. If he declines, it may be more from the need to control the venues for your interactions than disinterest.

    • You may want to repost your question. Updates to questions don't move them up on the list.

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