Dating and sleeping together, now nothing?

Ok I've been seeing this girl for a couple of months. We have been seeing each other a lot up until a week or so ago. Everything was going well, we have slept together a number of times and each time was great. The last time I saw her was now over a week ago. And that was when she left in the morning after staying over. Had a great night, watched a film one thing lead to another and naturally we slept together again. I knew she had to be elsewhere by midday, so I woke up earliest and made us breakfast in bed. We ate together, lead in bed chatting for awhile then she had to go. She texted me when she got home saying thanks for a lovely night etc...

Since then she has been under a fair bit of stress with her studies outside of work. So although I have kept in light contact, as I wanted to give her a bit of space to prepare for her exams. She is now acting very distant with me. I've not asked her directly what's up and cannot think what could be, considering how well it had been going. Any ideas. Thanks Ed from Newcastle x


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  • Well, you didn't save the epitome of bonding for later. You slept with her after knowing her for not a very long time. She got the height of bonding from you, and you got it from her. What more is there now?

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