I finally got a girl's number now what?

I asked her out and she said that we can do something this weekend. She gave me her number. When is too early to text her? (I see her on Friday for class) She lives about 15 minutes away and commutes to campus. I live on campus but do not have a car. Will this be a big problem? What should I do for the date? Sorry, if I seem clueless because I am. I have never done any of this before.

She was not in class today and texted she got caught up studying and lost track of time. I texted her saying that was fine and would text later about plans. I texted her some ideas I had to do and she has still not responded and it is getting close to 2 hours. Should I re text her?
I waited 3 and a half hours and re texted her but never got a response until 10:30 this morning basically saying she does not know what she would want to do and going out to eat would be good. Then she asked what I normally do I weekends and she wants me to tell her about myself.

I answered two of her questions and then sent her a message that was more concrete about what we can do. It almost been a hour and no response. Maybe she is busy, but I know girls always have there phones on them.
We talked today for about 40 minutes after class and fixed the problem. Both of us got lost in translation texting. We ironed out what was wrong and had a great conversation.


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  • thats awesome! just text her on Thursday… which I think is today for u=]

    hmm is there anywhere nearby the campus where you could go? like a restaurant or something? or could you catch transport from campus?

    • I texted her a few hours ago. There is a bus that I know goes to the mall, but not sure where else.

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    • oh thanks=]

    • Your welcome.

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  • lol a big clue,

    after she gave you her phone number, you should have called right after she left and said "sorry, just making sure it was your number" she would think this is cute.

    and I guess the next step would be to ask her out, I mean like going out somewhere,

    you said you don't have a car so I guess the best thing to do is to find a near place, and either way tell her to meet at the place or go and pick her up, (if you would walk to get her )

    this would be more romantic.

    • Maybe she would think it is cute, but to me I might be worried it would come off as insulting. Today after class we where going to decide what to do. The closet place I can thing off is a Steak Shake but that would be a half a mile walk. There is a bus I could take to the mall to from the school. That's really for me going anywhere myself.

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    • :D ya, that sounds better, I can't wait to see how it goes

    • Dont pressure her with going out, because she will stop answering back, but if you insist and try your best and she still doesn't want to then I guess it won't work out, another thing I can think of is that she is shy of going out with you and want to avoid doing it for you finding out that she feels shy about it.

  • Well you can let her knw that you dnt have a car. That shouldn't b a problem and a movie, or ice cream, Or ask her what she would like to. Ask her if she has anything going on this week end and if she isn't would she like to hang out.

  • All I can say is that it's never too early to text her haha


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  • Text her to pick you up so there is your ride.