How do you contact the person you like?

I feel like when texting someone there's always a fine line between too much (clingy) and not a lot (not interested). I've been texting someone for over a month now ;) and at first we use to talk all the time and now we do talk a lot just sometimes not everyday. I find if we skip a day of talking we always have a lot to talk about when we do talk :) But I don't want him to think I'm not interested since I'm not contacting him like I use to. I just don't want him to get bored with me :(


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  • Well if you talk that much then you should feel comfortable to express your feelings and/or concerns. Sometimes we women over think things but if it's something obvious then chances are he's noticed it too.. Maybe bring it up in convo so that you much know you're on the same page. But overall I'd say just keep your behaviors consistent. I'm 27 and single with lots of dating experience and It has now become my opinion that dating "rules" and/or "do's and don'ts" are the reason why so many relationships fail. If you wanna contact him then just do it..If you don't then don't... and use common sense of course but other than that do as you feel. You should have to walk on egg shells because you are worried he will get bored with you. If he got bored with you then you're too good for him.

    • I completely agree. As a guy if I am interested in the girl then I welcome the contact. A lot of guys will start to consider the girl clingy if they aren't really into the girl.

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    • I'm so happy for you. I hope it all works out!

    • Thank you so much :) I hope so too.

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  • I had a similar problem not to long ago. Jus step back and do your own thing. He will contact you if he doesn't send a cute pic and say something nice. Don't be anxious, don't get mad. Guys don't like a lot

    Of drama. Show him you can handle space and you respect him.

  • If he likes you, a day without talking will not be that bad. People need their own space? One day apart never hurt anyone, sheesh.