This guy, I'm looking forward to getting to know have me his number today. How long do I wait to text him?

I'm new to the school and have a thing for this guy. He gave me his number. I wanna make him wait just long enough so I don't seem easy or desperate. But not wait too long.


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  • Come on people... STOP being childish... why play games?

    Be mature!

    If you wanna text the guy... TEXT him...

    I text a girl when ever I WANT too.. I don't care if she thinks I'm desperate or not.. Fact is I am texting her cause I like her.. and that's all that matters. If she thinks I'm desperate for saying HI after getting her number, then I would NOT want to be with her at all.

    In this case he does NOT have your number. So text him...

    In my case I text the girl within the same day. If she thinks I'm desperate... I delete her off my phone... NEXT! If she can't respect me for CARING enough to think about her and send her a text.. then screw her.

    Think the same way... if the guy thinks your desperate.. F HIM... (don't really f him...) and say NEXT... You want a guy who SMILES when you text... instead of saying you're desperate.

    • girls play games. womans not. that's why older girls fit better to me.

      youre totaly true but in age u18 I tried wout gaming and swoosh! I'm single again

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  • does he have your number too? if not, I think it would be OK to text him this weekend and see what he's up to. since it's a new school and I'm assuming you don't know a ton of people, I think this would be acceptable. if he has your number, wait and see if he texts you first. :)

    • He doesn't have my number and I'm out of town this weekend.

    • then wait until you have a reason to text him. like if you don't see him Monday, you could text him Monday night and be like "hey didn't see you today! how was your weekend?" or something. basically you wanna make sure when you text him it's for an actual reason and you guys both have something to say and not just something stupid or just searching for a reason to text him. I don't know if that makes any sense.

  • Text him 2 days prior to receiving his number.

    Any longer than 5 days looks like you have no interest in him.

    You won't look needy unless you text him right away, all day and every day.

    So don't worry about it.

  • First off, good luck with the new school that you are at!

    Ok, so letting him wait is a good thing. Probably you should wait and see if he will text you?

    • He doesn't have my number. He put his number in my phone. And thanks

  • why doesn't he text u?

  • Text him as he doesn't have your number. I don't think what you are worrying about is silly at all, cause I know that with guys if they are not chasing they can lose interest (not saying that he will) so text him and then if he texts back wait a few hours and that way you keep the mystery ;) Whatever you do, don't reply to fast even if you are itching to. Good luck :)

    • doesn't waiting to respond a few hours everytime show him your just not interested..?

      as a guy iwould think that. unless you where at work and I new that. but everytime?

    • girl. I hate you. this never made me get more interest. It actually made me think that this girl is not letting her instinct do it, but her mind. you really give no room for a normal guy. A pickup artist is the only one who is gonna do what you do with guys to yourself, and after you knew one you're gonna see that this is not the way to go. I think I have to format you! ^^

    • I am going by my own experiences. Lol I'm not saying don't reply or leave it a week just not overly quickly. It's based on personal experience. I am not the biggest fan of using this method, but I have found it to work more times than not. Everyone has their own opinion, this is mine and works for me.