Dated for a month, hasn't kissed me yet?

So I've been "hanging out' with or "dating" this guy for about a month now. we see each other 3-4 days a week and text each other almost every day. seems like he really likes me, but he hasn't kissed me yet, and we've only recently even started cuddling with each other. based off of how often I see him and how often we text each other, I'd say that he's interested, but I've never moved this slow with any guy before. so just wondering why he hasn't kissed me yet?! has anyone else waited this long to kiss someone before?


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  • I've never waited that long. I usually move in for a kiss by at least the second date. The first date if thing went really well

    I'm thinking he is either shy. Or maybe not to experienced in dating.

    Why don't you initiate the kiss next time you're cuddling?


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  • Is it possible that he is shy?

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