What is he thinking? I can't read people via text! Someone help please?

Guy I am interested in never texts me first, but if I send him something, I always get fast responses and question after question and then asked to meet up.

Seriously? WTF?

If he was interested, I'd assume he'd start the convo occasionally.

If he wasn't interested, why the questions 101, compliments and meal invite?

Why can't he ever just contact me out of the blue?


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  • Ok, girl, lol! :) He does like you, cause he gives you fast responses and he asks you out, and he asks you questions. Think about it, he may not text you first but he does initiate questions :) He probably doesn't want to appear needy, and/or he doesn't want to screw things up cause he likes you so much, and/ or he might be insecure and he feels that he can only ask you out and such if you initiate conversation cause then that is a for sure sign that you have interest, therefore his insecurity of being confused if you like him or not is diminished. Trust me guys don't like to text and if he asks you questions, and asks you out, and basically has long text convos then he does have interest in you and likes you.

    Like I said he is more than likely insecure, and/ or doesn't want to appear needy, and that is why he waits for YOU to text :) Also he seems like he wants to get to know you, thus why the questions then meal date. To me he just seems like he really wants to get to know you and really likes you and he just doesn't want to screw it up. But give him some credit, cause even though you initiate conversation, he asks you out though, so it kinda evens out :)


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  • He is interested. Hence the questions and invite.

    There is a woman I work with and we're good friends. I am attracted to her big time.

    She is currently going through a divorce and her husband is playing divorce games. In other words being a d*ck.

    Well I'm her shoulder to cry on.

    Now I have no suggestion that she may be interested in me. In fact I'm quite sure she doesn't have romantic feelings towards me.

    We text a lot and I occasionally call her hun or dear. But there are no such comments from her.

    as a bonus her two year old is very cute, and seems to like me.

    I rarely initiate contact with her. Text or calls. Now the reason being I don't want to seem to forward. We're friends and her friendship is very important to me. I would rather keep that. Than have a relationship, possibly break up and ruin everything.

    In other words..

    Having a bowl of ice-cream

    Is more important than having a bowl of ice-cream with chocolate sauce and a cherry on top.

  • He's probably scared of being the needy one and always initiating contact. Meet up with him, have an in person BS with him and see for yourself.


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  • sorry to hear that. that pisses me off too. my crush does that to me. over the years I have to be the one to initiate first, he never does. Atleast he doesn't ignore me and the guy doesn't ignore you too :). I hope one day they will talk to us first and put the effort like we do. my friend will tell him I like him if he cares even abit. they are cousins. he liked 5 fb pics of me so not sure. I had him on fb for 6 years and he only liked them recently. I liked 2 pics of him and ill like another one if he talks to me first. of course he likes other girls pics too so I don't know :(.

    good luck!

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