Should I be nervous, or am I over thinking? Help ASAP.

For a lack of a better place to put this, I put it under relationships

The girl I like posted a status saying her new life goal is to get 2 cats, be Independant, adopt a child, be best mom ever, and do it all by herself. In response I commented "well darn, that kind of ruins some of my plans for the year" because I like her, and would like to date her. She put a ?, and I just said I will see her Saturday (I didn't know how to respond, so my mom sugested I say that, because, of course, I'm seeing her Saturday). Except now I'm really nervous that I made a bad choice posting it, that she may not view me the same way, or that I might of possibly ruined a friendshiped. I'm just nervous on how what I said will play out


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  • You see something in her that no doubt you want to be a part of. See if she agrees, and is willing to open her heart to you. If not, apologize. She may still be friends with you, and maybe it will give her time to think.

    You didn't screw up, you will forever be wondering what would have happened if you didn't. Be HONEST with her, and tell her how you feel, don't pussyfoot around.


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  • Dont be nervous be confident just be straight forward and be yourself...if she loves you it will move on and if it doesn't you move is all about that

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