I think she's taking me for granted. What should I do?

I'm dating this girl for about two months by now. I wasn't interested when I first met her at work, but circumstances brought us to like each other and we did decide to date. She won me over by doing many of the calling and texting. Of course I returned the favor and much more. It was pretty balanced, I did about 60% of the work and was satisfied with the situation. But unfortunately it wasn't very long to live and soon all 100% of the work fell on my shoulders.

After our first date, she rejected me because she found out I'm younger than her by a year and a half. I was disappointed, but I let it go. I downgraded our relationship to no more than colleagues at work, just like we used to be and stopped any unnecessary contact. I even dated some other girls.

I don't know why, but about two months after her rejection she started going for me again. She payed me visits to my office, texting, phone calls and lots of hints that she regrets rejecting me and wants us to be together. I was really happy with that and gladly renewed our relationship.

Now, the problem is that she stopped working on the relationship completely. The status quo of 60-40 was very short to live. She never calls me anymore, texts me only to share with me a bad day every now and then and not only she stopped visiting me in my office, now she often treats me like a liability when I pay a visit to her!

I'm not the clingy type of guy at all. I never begged her for attention and I don't overdo it with the texting and phone calls. But seriously... I feel like she only does any work when she's after a guy. And when she feels secure enough with him she just drops it all on him. I mean she stopped even sitting with me at launch! I'm not saying she should do it every single day but come on...

What should I do about it? Should I confront her or unilaterally cut it since she won't bother to call me anyways to find out what happened?


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  • You should definitely talk to her about how you feel about the situation and see what she has to say/do then consider whether or not your relationship is worthwhile if she isn't keeping up her end after talking to her about it.

  • The best thing to do is to talk her about this situation.


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