Is this a good first message to send on "datemyschool?"

There's a really cute girl that I found who goes to my school. She seems like someone I could have a long-term relationship with. Is this a good first message?

Hey! My name is John. I read your profile and you seem really interesting! I think it's really cool that you play guitar. I'm interested in learning more about you.


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  • Sweetie, if you plan on "anything with her" for whatever relationship, please drop this "hey."

    Being you really seem to like her and want this "really cute girl," to "get the message across," then start your friendly, outgoing "hello" off as:

    "Hi, I'm John, how are you?"(catchy)

    The "hey" is more for someone who is throwing a "bale of hay at one of his bossies,"instead of putting some forethought into "a good first message."

    Then, you could go on to write: "I read your interesting profile(I assume you know her name, so this IS a good place to put THIS), and I see you play the guitar. That's great!(You could interject at this point, whether or not you play or you like this instrument...feel free to do so, will get her really intrigued). I'm really quite fascinated in what I have been reading, and would enjoy learning more about you,(her name again)...

    Go on from there to add another "catchy line" just to seal "what just may be fate.." You don't have to include your name

    Good luck, and hope I helped.:))xx

    • "Hi, I'm John. How's it going? I saw you mention that you play guitar. That's really cool. I'd like to get to know you."?

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    • Haha is that good?

    • WOW, John, my "star pupil!" "By George, I think you've got it!":))xx

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