Several questions about kissing, mainly directed at guys.

guys mainly, what is your worst kiss experience? Can you tell when a girl has NO idea what she is doing (i'm really clumsy and awkward) when she's kissing, and is it a complaint of yours?


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  • I've faced many clumsy &/or awkward kisses but these have never been a problem, while kissing the idea is to make her feel comfortable & secure which once achieved by the arms holding her, she feels more comfortabel when guiding her lips & teaching her the style becomes easier :)

    One girl back in my teens unfortunately was so self conscious and stuck up within herself that she wouldn't ease out so her teeth used to hit mine in addition to which she had extremely bad breath so after the first time I never tried kissing her again :D Those days I couldn't tell her about the breath part cause I thought it'd be rude & hurt her feelings which I didn't want to do. I let her slide by while taking the blame for being a jerk of a guy :D


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