Why do people say making out is gross?

I'm seeing a lot of that . They say ew that's gross , but then when they make out it suddenly becomes not gross ? If it's gross why do you do it ? I personally only never made out with a girl


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  • Because when they're making out, they are in the moment of passion and it does matter. While if they see someone else doing it, the participants may be crude about it and I think making out is something consider sexual so not every wants to see another doing sexual activities in front of them.


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  • Haha I'm a hypocrite here. I thought it was gross! But then it happened, and boy was I wrong. Making out is good stuff.

    Personally I've never done it in front of people, I try to be alone with him because it's an intimate thing to do with your partner.

  • Other than kids I haven't heard anyone say making out is gross, I've heard some people think French kissing is but that's it

    • I love French kissing

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    • Lol same here. I'm waitig too lol

    • Oh cool :)

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