Guys: On flavored Chapstick?

I used to make sure that if I was going to kiss a guy I ALWAYS had on some sort of yummy Chapstick but then I kissed a girl with water melon Chapstick and I thought it was slimy and would have ouch rather just had her bare soft lips, so I stopped making sure I always had it on. Like obviously sometimes if I was dating someone they would kiss me with it on but I really don't care to much. But now I'm curious, guys what do you prefer with or without? Girls?


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  • I say mix it up and experiment a little. I am a huge fan of vanilla smelling and flavoring and to be honest it turns me on. So if a girl tasted or smelled really good. For me I guess it would be better to be a once in awhile thing, because then I could appreciate it that much more. The other day this woman walked by me and she smelled so clean and like coconuts and it also got me rather excited.


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  • Honestly, I would much rather kiss a girl without anything on her lips. No chapstick, lip stick or any other balm types things in her lips. I think I'd like to remember how her lips felt on mind as opposed to an artificial flavor!

  • Are you a Katy Perry fan?

    • Ha, she's so perfect I would kiss her if she had like cabbage Chapstick on! I got tht song stuck in my head as I was typing that!

    • That's why I asked

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