The first date disaster?

We went out and he seemed kinda nervous and shy. He has moments when he was making a DUDE pose and then some moments when he didn't even look in my eyes. But the date went OK... When we were going out he just said- It was nice meeting you. well be in touch. And that was it. He didn't walk me home, didn't try to kiss me. The fact was that he thought that he lost his cell phone and wanted to rush to see if its in his car. But also the fact is- he could check the other way...

Today I sent him a text on FB saying- Did you find your cell? And he replied- Yeah. I'm saved! And then later, about 2 hours ago he sent me sms saying- Hey, I found the cell. Everything is under control. Did you have a nice time last night? (since I told him I was oing out with my friends after our date). I answered- Yeah. I'm glad you found your cell. I could say that you were nervous about it. And he replied- Well... Sure. losing it the second time this month would mean something is wrong with me. And I answered- there's nothing wrong with u- even if you lost it for the second time.

And he replied nothing. He still didn't ask out on the second date. that's a bad sign right...?


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  • Honestly he probably sent you message that he found his cell before your Facebook message but just came in late. Might have spotty service I've seen it plenty of times.

    If they like you you'll know specially affter one date

  • "And he replied nothing. He still didn't ask out on the second date. that's a bad sign right...?"

    He might ask later on this week...

    • The new thing is that he sent me a text again asking me if I'm feeling cold (its very cold here). Does it mean he is thinking about me? And I replied (since he had a cold last night) how he is feeling today. And asked him to take care about himself. Is it OK?

    • its just a convo filler should've been like ya its so nipply in here :)

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